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Friday, October 15, 2010

A plea to those who follow this blog

I'm aware from emails, tweets and FB updates that many of you follow this blog more-or-less regularly. If you do, please (if you've not already done so) take 2 minutes and become a "follower"--yes, I hate the sound of that, too., but it could really help me out.

If you don't want your identity known, create an alias. No problem; others have done this. It also gives me hours of fun trying to figure out who's who.

Why the plea? Well, I may monetize the site by running inoffensive side-bar ads for cool stuff. How many followers I have impacts directly on how much the advertisers are willing to pay. More followers, more pennies per click. (In fact, if you're already following, create more aliases--the advertisers won't know the difference!)

This will in no way make me rich, but will provide a trickle of income while I'm beavering away as a student, living on ten pounds a day.

So puh-lease click the "follow" link at the bottom. It costs you nothing, and helps support this struggling, mature-aged student.

Thanks, grazie, danke, merci, gracias, 'ta' and cheers!


  1. I will sign up all my kitties and a few others who will love your blogs.

  2. Keep the posts coming, enjoy reading them, Rob! :)